Monday, August 21, 2006

Complacency strikes again

I know this is a bit late but after a week of radio and news reports stating that the airlines are planning to sue the government (or westminster muppet show as my friend likes to call it) i feel it's time to comment.
I find it highly irritating that these people that are entrusted with safely transporting us from one place to another are a;complaining about losing money and b;placing the blame squarely with the government. Surely as it has been almost 5 years since 9/11 these people would reallise what kind of world we live in,and having said that would therefore welcome any measures to try and prevent anything like that happening again.
They should have put adequate money ,resources , and time into demanding such measures be put into place in the first place. Instead both airline operaters and the government whilst having a kneejerk reaction back in 2001 have become complacent and now with the exception of the government(who i feel has now done something right at last) are moaning because that complacency has bitten them in the backside.
In a world that is forever trying to tear itself apart with the threat of chemical and electronic warfare it is time to take stock,stop moaning about losing money and do something to try and prevent these incidents happening again.
P.S. I also feel that the public have conducted themselves commendably during infurriating times,accepting that this was bound to happen sooner or later.
That's enough of rant for now